Take the pain out of social. Now for self-hosters.

Never wrestle with developer accounts or APIs again.
Authenticate and you're done. It's that simple.


1 - Subscribe

Sign up for a monthly or yearly Convoy plan for your self-hosted Known site.


2 - Connect

Authenticate with any social accounts that you want to integrate into your site.


3 - Relax

Concentrate on your content. We'll manage the connected services.

With Convoy easily connected to your favorite services

Seamless integrations for self-hosters

We know that it can be a pain to set up and maintain the various plugins for the social networks that you want to syndicate to. With Convoy, keep your data on your own server while enjoying the same experience as our hosted cloud service.

Seamless Integrations
Social Connections

Access all social connections

With Convoy, you have access to the same social connections that our hosted sites use. Connect to Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, SoundCloud, LinkedIn profiles, and LinkedIn company pages. Google+ Pages, Tumblr, and WordPress are coming soon!

If you host your own Known site, you could...

...waste time setting up developer accounts with multiple services.

...fret over staying up to date with the latest API changes.

...spend your weekend troubleshooting when one of the connections fails.

Or you could subscribe to Convoy.

We'll take care of the details. You'll never need to create developer accounts or worry about your site's social connections again.

Questions about Convoy

Who is Convoy for?

Convoy is for self-hosted Known sites - anyone running a Known site that isn't hosted at It provides the same experience that users of our hosted cloud service get when connecting and managing social accounts.

How much does Convoy cost?

A Convoy subscription is just $5 a month. If you pay annually you'll get two months free! You can cancel your subscription at any time, and configure social plugins on your own.

Where does the data live?

Your data lives on your server or wherever you host your site. Your data is always yours. Just use the Convoy connections to syndicate content to your favorite social services.