Known for Education

The best way to host class discussion

Students and teachers can easily share content and discuss projects in a group. Known is the perfect way to power your class.


Publish and reflect in a group

Help students develop career-focused technology skills. With Known, students and teachers can post course projects, reflect on their learning, and share ideas with their peers.

Content types in Known

Share to groups, social media, and course platforms

Students decide where they want to share their work and reflections. Students can make posts public, private, or shared with limited viewers - like a professor or a study group. With a campus plan, users can even share content to your LMS.

Sharing through Known

Collaborate with classmates online

Now it’s easier than ever to share and collaborate with classmates and instructors in a coursespace online. A class site allows students to share files, photos, and research. Students can easily provide feedback on their peers’ work, organize study groups, and discuss assignments with their classmates and instructors.

Create a class space with Known

Features for education

Content Types

Include videos, photos, podcasts, links, and locations in your posts

Seamless Syndication

Share projects and posts to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn

Data Ownership

Full data export for each user means every student and teacher can take their website and content with them

LTI Integration

Extend your Learning Management System with Known's easy-to-use group publishing tools using LTI

Available for campus plans

Privacy & Access

Authors decide if posts are private, public, or have limited access

Classroom Spaces

Your site supports up to 200 users to easily facilitate sharing and student discussions

Looking for a campus plan?

We offer custom options for classes and schools that include unlimited users and optional connections to your school's learning management system. Single sign on with SAML and LTI are available. Download our PDF or contact us for information about campus licenses, training, and support.

How Known gets used at school


Anna, college junior

I use Known to showcase course projects on my personal site.

In my media design and public communications course, we regularly create projects in InDesign, take photos for assignments, and collect notes on ad copy. All of my projects and notes lives on my website. When I applied for an internship last year, my coursework was all in one place, along side my portfolio and resume.

Dylan, creative writing professor

Our most thoughtful discussions happen in a digital space.

My goal is to help students become fluent writers and critical thinkers. When I'm teaching a course about creative writing, I want students to write. We set up Known as a classroom space and everyone posts portions of their work for feedback each week. We have found that this really encourages more thoughtful and reflective conversations within the class. It's so easy for students to post work and discuss it with peers, and I like that they get in the habit of blogging regularly.


Mikaila, graduate student

I use Known to share learning resources with peers and professors.

I’m finishing up a graduate degree in education, and I’ve spent the past few years with the same small cohort of grad students. We set up a multi-author Known site where we can each blog, share links to research, and post notes on our thesis projects. It’s a great way to stay connected with my peers and their work, even when we don’t spend much time together in the classroom. It’s become a valuable knowledge bank for me over the last year.

Works everywhere that learning takes place

With a responsive layout, students and teachers can view, edit, and post to their Known sites from any device.

Known works on all devices

Have questions or need support?

If you have questions, want to learn more about Known, and need help with anything, contact us. Send us an email at to get started.