Open Source

Open & easy to install

Known gives you full control. Host your site on our service, or install it on your own server and extend it to meet your needs. The core Known platform is open source, and it is designed to be easy to customize, redesign, and build on top of.

Get right to the source

Our full source code is available on GitHub under an Apache license. It's object-orientated and designed to be easy to build on top of, using accepted best practices. By default, its front-end interface is based on Bootstrap and jQuery, but it's easy to use a different template if you want.

Plugins and themes are available on GitHub for functionality like syndication to third-party sites.

Developer documentation is also available.

Known requires Apache Web Server with mod_rewrite, PHP 7 and either MySQL or MongoDB, with a number of widely-installed extensions. Read more about requirements.

Supporting the modern web

We believe that it's important to support modern cross-platform web technologies, so we've put them at the heart of Known's functionality. Known currently supports:

In addition, Known has a full internal and external API.

Join the community

Help us build Known! You can join our developer mailing list to learn what others are working on and share your expertise. Our IRC channel is #knownchat on Freenode.

Not a coder? No problem. Design, text copy, workflows, documentation and bug hunting are just as important as code. Ask us how! We're always interested to hear from you:

Really love Known? Consider contributing to our Open Collective!

Grow with us

These amazing open source contributors have made contributions to the Known platform. We are creating a network of trusted developers all over the world who can help provide customizations, support and associated services.

Stay tuned for details. If you'd like to join the developer program and be listed here on the Known site, let us know: