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Known is a small team based in San Francisco, California. We believe in creating easy-to-use, open tools and respectful software.

Known is a simple, social publishing platform. Create on your own site using a variety of media, and then syndicate to networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Our open source contributors are constantly creating new plugins and functionality.

Known's community of publishers include broadcasters, universities, and individual creators. Our dynamic users are technical early adopters, passionate educators, and enthusiastic learners.

Erin Richey




Erin loves creating engaging, usable, human-centric software within the context of sustainable businesses. She also loves listening to podcasts and building robots.

Ben Werdmuller




Ben believes that technology is an empowering force that makes the world better by leveling playing fields, informing citizens, and connecting us all. He secretly wants his own TARDIS.