How-to: Getting started with Known

Chapter 10

Other Resources

To get the most out of Known, check out these additional resources:

Technical Support

Technical support for premium Known customers is coming soon. You’ll be able to get help with your questions and have direct access to the Known support team.

Known User Community

Coming soon!

Known Stream

Get the latest posts, conversations, and updates on Known's own stream.

Developer Docs

If you’re looking for developer documentation or information on hosting Known on your own server, check out the docs.

Developer Mailing List

Join the developer mailing list and exchange updates with people in the open source community who are building their own plugins and customizations for Known.


Check out Known’s project files on Github to see what other developers in the Known community are working on, what issues and enhancements have been suggested, and to find more information on user research and testing.

This how-to guide was last updated on August 7, 2015.