How-to: Getting started with Known

Chapter 4

Connect Your Social Accounts

By connecting your Known site to your favorite social networks, you can cross-publish content from Known to those other platforms. This is a great way to publish a message once on Known and automatically send it to Facebook or Twitter, or to upload a photo to your site and send it to Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.

To connect accounts to your Known site, navigate to “Settings” and then choose “Connect Services.” The networks listed will be available for you to connect to. With any of the social networks, you’ll need to authenticate with that network and give your Known site permission to publish there. If you are not already logged into the social network, you’ll need to log in during the authentication process.

The screenshots below show the steps taken to connect Facebook to a Known site. Click on the Facebook button to get started.

Authenticate with Facebook

Available Social Networks

If you have a free Known site, you can connect to one account on the following networks: Twitter, Facebook (personal profile), Flickr, Foursquare, and SoundCloud.

If you have a Known Pro site, you can connect your site to an unlimited number of accounts on the following networks: Twitter, Facebook (personal profiles and pages), Flickr, Foursquare, SoundCloud, and LinkedIn (personal profiles and company pages). The ability to connect to Google+ Pages is coming soon for Pro accounts.

Note: If you are hosting your own Known site, you’ll need to see separate documentation on setting up and managing your connections with different social networks. You can also subscribe to Convoy to avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining these plugins.

Publishing to Social Networks

After you’ve connected your favorite social networks to your site, you’ll see options for these networks on the publish screen. When you’re ready to publish new content, toggle on the button for each social network that you want to cross-post to.

Social Network Toggles

Once you’ve published, the content will automatically be syndicated to the social networks that you selected.

Content Types and Social Networks

Not all of the content that you publish can be sent to every social network that you’re connected to. If you have questions about where you can cross-post, reference the list below.

Status updates: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Posts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Photos: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn
Check-ins: Foursquare
Bookmarks: Twitter, Facebook
Audio: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud

This how-to guide was last updated on August 7, 2015.